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  • Fix User cancel behaviour for VerifyFace and CURP modules on iOS platform
  • Fixed Phone number input on devices with certain regions on iOS platform.


  • Fix for iOS Face Login authentication attempts showing wrong data on dashboard Authentications tab

Using Android 5.12.0 and iOS 1.2.1x


  • Added Name module

  • Fix crash on VerifyFace on iOS if no other modules called beforehand

  • Fix configurationId not applied in iOS

    Using Android 5.12.0 and iOS 1.2.0x


  • Fixed Android issue with Document Scan
  • Fixed iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro Max camera issues

Using Android 5.12.0 and iOS 1.1.1x


  • Added VerifyFace method to start face authentication
  • Added AddApproval method in OnboardingFlowConfiguration to add approval module to flow and obtain uuid and token values needed for face authentication
  • Added AddPhone method in OnboardingFlowConfiguration to add phone module to flow


  • Added ValidationModule enum with id, liveness, faceRecognition and videoSelfie that you can provide it as part OnboardingConfiguration. Default validation modules are id, liveness and faceRecogntion.
  • Video Selfie module is now more configurable - SelfieMode, AskForIdScan, AskForVoiceConsent, DisableAudio, MinimumVideoLengthRequired are added ti VideoSelfieParams
  • Using Android 5.4.0 and iOS 1.0.10x


  • Added close button functionality. Use new setShowCloseButton param in SetOnboardingSession method for Android and OnboardingFlowConfiguration.AllowUserToCancel(true) method to enable it in iOS
  • Added new optional param maskCheckEnabled param when configuring Selfie Scan
  • Added ExistingUser, NameMatched, and ExistingInterviewId to the FaceMatchResult
  • Added new document type OtherDocument1
  • Fix for iOS screens that aren't shown in full screen
  • Using Android 4.11.0


  • Reverted to old opencv2 framework used in 1.0.4


  • Added Minimum iOS version setting 11 inside Info.plist for opencv2.framework


  • Removed Minimum iOS version setting inside Info.plist for opencv2.framework that was causing errors when uploading iOS app to the App Store.


  • Optimized SDK size by removing Video Conference dependency, optmizing opencv2.framework and reducing tutorial video sizes on iOS platform.


  • Fixed unsuccessful ID scan crash on iOS
  • Fixed unsucessful Passport scan crash on Android
  • Removed throwing exception in finish API
  • Removed section tags from Xamarin API


  • Added feedback label during ID Capture so that user is aware if front or back should be captured
  • Fixed small text on capture feedback on Android devices
  • Using Android 4.2.0


  • Added SetOnboardingSession method that should be used in case a session was already created before and needs to be resumed. Once the SetOnboardingSession is completed, resume the flow by using StartOnboardingSection method.
  • Fixed Selfie scan result being 'null'in case of error during Selfie scan on iOS, thus causing crashes if result object is being used without null check. In case the Selfie Scan was completed by user having multiple unsuccessful attempts please look into ScanStatus field to get more information what went wrong.
  • iOS flow should now always be started inside a NavigationPage to prevent showing UI in modal screens, even when SDK is called inside more complex navigation structures like FlyoutPage.