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Quick Start


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  • Incode Omni Welcome SDKΒ lets users onboard seamlessly from anywhere with just their web browser.
  • Welcome SDK is part of the Incode Digital Identity Platform. This platform is powered by Incode's world class Face Recognition, Liveness detection and ID Validation models.
  • SDK provides simple methods and customizable UI implementations for each step of the onboarding flow: ID Validation, Address Validation, Face Scanning and Video Conference call.
  • Web SDK is a powerful Javascript library that offers a collection of built in components.

Features of Incode Omni​

  • Storing user's face-fingerprints (templates) on the server.
  • Enabling user enrollment on the server with user templates and cropped portrait images.
  • Facially authenticating users (login) through a tokenized mechanism on the server.
  • Facially authenticating users (login) locally (on-device authentication).
  • Front camera UI for enrollment to your app.
  • Front camera UI for login to your app.
  • Generate user's face-fingerprints in realtime on the device.
  • Generate user's cropped portrait pictures in realtime on the device.
  • Liveness detection.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Address proof capture via a service or taking picture of an address proof document.
  • Video conference with a bank executive with realtime chat.

1. Basic Installation​

Most modern frontend projects manage their dependencies using a package manager like npm or Yarn. To add our SDK to an existing project, the first thing you should do is install the necessary dependencies with the tool of your choice.

Using Yarn

yarn add @incodetech/welcome

Using npm

npm install @incodetech/welcome

If your project is not using React, you will need to install it; this is a dependency of the SDK.

yarn add react@^17.0.2 react-dom@^17.0.2

2. Initializing the SDK​

To initialize the SDK, you need to provide your client API Key and the API URL and run the following code:

import { create } from "@incodetech/welcome";
// Get incode instance
const incode = create({
apiKey: "myApiKey",
apiURL: "myApiURL",

This will return an instance of the SDK ready for subsequent methods.

3. Use the instance​

After you initialize the SDK, you can use any of the methods available like below:

// Start the camera component for the front ID
incode.renderCamera("front", container, {
onSuccess: onSuccess,
onError: onError,

Next steps​

Check our SDK-Methods to learn more about it and how to use it.