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Quick Start

1. Import the SDK

HTML Script Tag

To import the OnBoarding SDK you just need to add a script to your web site

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

2. Initializing the SDK

To initialize the SDK, you need to provide your API Key and the API URL and run the following code:

// Get onBoarding instance
const onBoarding = OnBoarding.create({
apiKey: 'myApiKey',
apiURL: 'myApiURL',

This will return an instance of the SDK ready for use.

3. Use the instance

After you initialize the SDK you can use any of the methods available (see API to learn more)

// Start the autodetect for the front ID
type: 'front',
onFarAway: this.handleFarAway,
onCapturing: this.handleCapturing,
onCapture: this.handleAutoCapture,
onIDNotDetected: this.handleIDNotDetected,
onNothingHappen: this.handleNothingHappen,