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Change Log


4.1.1-nvc (March 28th 2022)​

  • Fixed Android issues with optional parameters when React Native 0.61.2 dependency is used

  • Fixed Android crash when Camera permissions are denied

    Using 4.7.2 Android SDK

4.1.0-nvc (March 16th 2022)​

  • Added setTheme method that's used for customizing the theme on iOS devices.
  • Fixed issue with bad face match confidence on Android in case selfie isn't taken properly
  • Fixed issue with startOnboardingSection method not always being run on main thread

4.0.1-nvc (March 11th 2022)​

  • Fixed issue with overriding session flow configuration when providing existing interviewId to the startOnboarding method on Android devices.
  • Fixed issue with running ID scan on Android emulator
  • Using 4.6.1 Android SDK

4.0.0-nvc (March 10th 2022)​

  • Breaking change -> Refactored onboarding session parameters to be part of a new OnboardingSessionConfig object , so that startOnboarding, createOnboardingSession, and setOnboardingSession can be configured with the same session parameters by specifying them inside OnboardingSessionConfig.
  • Added setOnboardingSession method that can be used for resuming an already existing onboarding session.
  • key is now optional inside initialize method, so the SDK can be used by specfying token as a session parameter inside setOnboardingSession method.
  • Using 4.6.0 Android SDK, 4.4.1-rnoptimized iOS SDK

3.2.1-nvc (March 3rd 2022)​

  • Using 4.5.0 Android SDK to resolve Video Selfie upload issues on Android platform


  • Fixed iOS build issues due to bad paths in .podspec and missing linker flags
  • Added IdScanFront, IdScanBack and ProcessId modules that can be used for more flexibility comparing to regular IdScan module. This change requires mandatory changes in receiving results during ID validation, please follow the guide here
  • Added otherDocument3 document type that can be used in DocumentScan module


  • Added multiple document scan types besides proof of address - addressStatement, paymentProof, medicalDoc, otherDocument1, otherDocument2. You can specify these as type parameter when adding DocumentScan module.
  • ODR download now returns error INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE which happens if the device runs out of storage during the download.


  • Added Dynamic Resource Delivery feature that enables you to download SDK resources in runtime, thus having smaller SDK size and impact on your app's download size on the App Store/Play store. More details here
  • BREAKING CHANGE: In order to keep using regular Non-Dynamic Delivery version of the React Native SDK for the Android platform, please refer to the MIGRATION_GUIDE.
  • ID validation now shows 'Processing Id' animation during ID processing after the scan.
  • Document scan new UX with a possibility for the user to upload a pdf or image besides doing the camera capture.
  • Switched to using iOS static frameworks to reduce the SDK size
  • Reduced Android framework size
  • Using 4.3.0-rnoptimized Android SDK and 4.1.0-s iOS SDK

3.0.6-nvc and 3.0.6-nvc-pod​

  • Added IncodeSdk.faceMatch API method that does face match between photo from the ID and Selfie silently in the background.

Using 3.6.0 Android SDK Using 3.2.0 iOS SDK


  • Optimized RN SDK impact size for iOS platform by putting in optimized version of the opencv2.framework

3.0.4-nvc and 3.0.4-nvc-pod React Native SDK without video conference​

This version of the React Native SDK doesn't have video conference module available, and consequently has smaller size.

Additionaly for Android please remove this line from your projects build.gradle: maven { url '' }

For cocoapods version please add these lines to your projects Podfile:

source ''
source ''


  • DocumentScan module now has showDocumentProviderScreen parameter, using which you can skip the providers screen and go straight to the document capture.
  • DocumentScanCompleteEvent now has image inside the result - it is png base64 representation of the captured image during Document scan.


  • Fixed a crash for Android devices when IncodeSdk.startOnboarding isn't being called on a main thread.


  • iOS Frameworks used by React Native SDK are now bundled inside, so these lines are no longer needed and can be removed from your Podfile:
source ''
source ''
  • Added capture only SDK mode, to enable it provide sdkMode parameter to the IncodeSdk.initialize method:
apiConfig: {
key: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
url: 'YOUR_API_URL',
regionCode: 'ALL',
sdkMode: 'captureOnly',
  • Added UserConsent module:
module: 'UserConsent',
title: 'Consent Title',
content: 'Consent content for the user to confirm',


  • Fixed app crash during Passport scan if issueDate isn't read on Android devices
  • Restructured IdScanCompleteEvent:
    • data: the basic IdScanOcrData object, containing most important data
    • ocrData: the String object, raw JSON containing full OCR data ie. exteriorNumber, interiorNumber, typeOfId, documentFrontSubtype
    • images - containing images taken during ID capture, optional, cause on simulator the images won't be captured and returned.
    • images.front - IncdImage object, containing pngBase64 of the captured front ID
    • images.back - IncdImage object, containing pngBase64 of the captured back ID
    • status: the IdValidationStatus object, carrying statuses for the front side of the ID and the back side.


  • Made Video Selfie module more flexible, these are the new parameters:
      /** default: `true` */
showTutorial?: boolean;
/** default: 'selfieMatch' */
selfieScanMode?: 'selfieMatch' | 'faceMatch';
/** default: 'false' */
selfieLivenessCheck?: boolean;
/** default: 'true' */
showIdScan?: boolean;
/** default: 'true' */
showDocumentScan?: boolean;
/** default: 'true' */
showVoiceConsent?: boolean;
/** default: 3 */
voiceConsentQuestionsCount?: number;


  • Added configurationId param for the startOnboarding method. Use this to specify flow configuration created from dashboard


  • Changed iOS setup to use different source for fetching iOS frameworks. Add these to the top of your Podfile and run pod install:
source ''
source ''
  • Introduced new method for Face Login called startFaceLogin. Old way by using SelfieScan module and loginOptions is now removed.
  • Added posibility to resume existing session by specifying interviewId for startOnboarding method
  • Fixed crashes when used on Android simulator during ID and Selfie scans


  • Fixed false positive hook detection issues


  • Replaced disableEnvironmentChecks parameter with disableHookCheck for initialize method to disable check if device is hooked.


  • Fixed opentok dependency resolving issues


  • Improved error handling for initialize method by adding specific error codes and messages for these scenarios:

Incd::EmulatorDetected - β€œEmulator detected, emulators aren't supported in non test mode!”

Incd::RootDetected - β€œRoot access detected, rooted devices aren't supported in non test mode!”

Incd::HookDetected - β€œHooking framework detected, devices with hooking frameworks aren't supported in non test mode!”

Incd::TestModeDetected - β€œPlease disable test mode before deploying to a real device!”


  • Fixed faulty reports of spoof attempt during Face login on Android devices


  • Fixed 'Face login not enabled during SDK init!' error during Face login flow on Android devices
  • Added disableEnvironmentChecks parameter for initialize method to disable checks if device is rooted/hooked or emulator.


  • ID Scan now showing options for the user to choose between ID or Passport
  • ID Scan now shows passport screen if the idType is set to passport