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AES module user guide

This guide explains how to use AES module within the onboarding session.

Add it to the flow

To add AES module to the flow, add it to the IncdOnboardingFlowConfiguration:

  flowConfig.addAes(showCertificateOnSuccess: true/false)

Default value of the showCertificateOnSuccess is false, and AES the module will show only success screen and then close it automatically. Specify true to show preview screen with the signed docs after document was signed successfully.

Process the AES result

Add callback to your IncdOnboardingDelegate:

  func onAesCompleted(_ result: AESResult) {
// process result

Regardless of the outcome onAesCompleted method will be called and user will continue with the flow (if there are specified modules after AES).

AESResult struct contains:

  • success: if signing is a success
  • error: An AES signing error. nil means there were no errors.

AESError enum possible values:

  • noDocuments: No documents are available for the onboarding session
  • failedToSign: AES signing failed


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