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IncdOnboarding migration guide

Migration to 5.16.0

  • Callback method for NFC Scan module has been renamed from onPassportNFCScanCompleted(_ result: NFCScanResult) to onNFCScanCompleted(_ result: NFCScanResult) in order to support NFC scan on IDs.

  • NFCScanResult's fields have also been renamed:

    • passportFacePhoto to facePhoto
    • passportDG1 to dg1
    • passportNFCScanError to error
  • PassportNFCScanError type is also renamed, now it is NFCScanError.

  • userPassportHasNoChip error is now userDocumentHasNoChip.

  • HelpButtonConfiguration is removed in favor of an improved ButtonConfiguration:

Old way:

  private var helpButton: HelpButtonConfiguration {

return HelpButtonConfiguration(cornerRadius: 35,
backgroundColor: Colors.background,
textColor: Colors.primary,
iconColor: Colors.primary,
width: 140,
height: 70,
iconTitlePadding: 4,
verticalPadding: 6,
horizontalPadding: 8)

New way:

private var helpButton: ButtonConfiguration {
let normal = ButtonThemedState(alpha: 1.0,
backgroundColor: .incdBackground,
borderColor: .incdPrimary,
borderWidth: 1.0,
textColor: .incdPrimary,
iconImageName: "",
iconTintColor: .incdPrimary,
iconPosition: .right,
iconPadding: 8)
return ButtonConfiguration(states: .init(normal: normal))

Migration to 5.12.0

  • addMachineLearningConsent parameter type is now one of the RegulationType options, instead of a ConsentType. .gdpr and .us options are still available.

Migration to 5.5.0

  • Renamed setting serverSelfieFaceMaskCheck: Bool to faceMaskCheck: Bool. In case of framework variant which includes local face mask check, user can specify via IncdOnboardingManage.shared.faceMaskCheckMode to use either server or local. Default is .local.

Migration to 5.x

Start Onboarding

Parameters interviewId, configurationId, onboardingValidationModules, customFields, externalId are removed.

These parameters are now provided via IncdOnboardingSessionConfiguration:

let sessionConfig = IncdOnboardingSessionConfiguration(configurationId: "confId",
validationModules: [],
customFields: ["customKey": "customData"],
interviewId: "interviewId",
externalId: "externalId")

IncdOnboardingConfiguration is removed, use IncdOnboardingFlowConfiguration instead to add modules:

let flowConfig = IncdOnboardingFlowConfiguration()

Now you can provide these to the startOnboarding method:

  IncdOnboardingManager.shared.startOnboarding(sessionConfig: sessionConfig, flowConfig: flowConfig, delegate: self)

Setup Onboarding Session

Removed API methods:

  • createNewOnboаrdingSession
  • setOnboardingSession

Use the setupOnboardingSession instead. All the parameters of createNewOnboаrdingSession and setOnboardingSession methods are now part of IncdOnboardingSessionConfiguration:

let sessionConfig = IncdOnboardingSessionConfiguration(region: "ALL",
queue: .aristotle,
configurationId: "confId",
validationModules: [],
customFields: ["customKey": "customData"],
interviewId: "interviewId",
token: "token",
externalId: "externalId")

IncdOnboardingManager.shared.setupOnboardingSession(sessionConfig: sessionConfig) { sessionResult in


Starting Onboarding Section

  • flowTag is removed from IncdOnboardingFlowConfiguration, and is now a parameter inside startOnboardingSection:
let flowConfig = IncdOnboardingFlowConfiguration()
IncdOnboardingManager.shared.startOnboardingSection(flowConfig: flowConfig, sectionTag: "MyTag", delegate: self)

Migration to 4.7.1

  • Colors passed to IncdTheme are not UIColor instead of CGColor. For more information please visit IncdTheme Guide.

Migration to 4.5.0

  • Added CustomComponents to IncdTheme which holds a UI customization configuration for the Camera Feedback View. For more information please visit IncdTheme Guide.
  • Changed several localization keys to match style and consistency:
    "incdOnboarding.btnCancel" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.btnContinue" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.btnDone" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.btnNext" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.dialog.cameraPermissionsBtnOpenSettings" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.dialog.cameraPermissionsMandatorySubtitle" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.dialog.cameraPermissionsMandatoryTitle" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.dialog.ok" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.dialog.permission.finishProcess" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.err.oooops.msg" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.err.oooops.title" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.processing" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.uploading" -> ""
    "incdOnboarding.qr.scanningDone" -> "incdOnboarding.qr.scanning_done"
    "incdOnboarding.qr.scanningError" -> "incdOnboarding.qr.scanning_error"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.inProgress" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.in_progress"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.startedSuccessfully" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.startedSuccessfully"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.success" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.success"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.failure" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.failure"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.connection" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.connection_error"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.ineInfrastructure" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.ine_infrastructure_error"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.moduleNotSupported" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.module_not_supported_error"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.missingDocumentIdentifier" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.missing_document_identifier_error"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.missingSelfie" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.missing_selfie_error"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.userNotFound" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.user_not_found_error"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.userNotInDatabase" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.user_not_in_database"
    "incdOnboarding.govValidation.error.insufficientLookupData" -> "incdOnboarding.govValidation.insufficient_lookup_data"
    For the full instructions on the localization please visit Localization Guide.

Migration to 4.1.0

  • Updated Document Scan flow that supports the option to upload a PDF or image from the device. Potentially breaking change: .document is now .addressStatement.
  • Tutorials for Document Scan are now disabled by default, and the document provider screen is enabled by default. Many of the texts have been updated so please take a look at the full list here.

Migration to 4.0.0

  • Individual functions are removed:
    • Please use sections API instead and add a module via IncdOnboardingFlowConfiguration.add<module>() method.
  • Removed any deprecated API which was using parameter vc: UIViewController. Please switch to the same functioins without the vc parameter.
  • If you are using ID Scan module, it is required to switch to a new result structure IdScanResult. Check User Guide for more info.

Migration from 1.10.x to 1.11.0

For version 1.11.0 ID and Selfie capture are customized via IncdTheme. If you are using UI customization please visit IncdTheme Guide.

  • New option - Allow users to cancel ID or Selfie capture by showing close (X) button:

Default is false.

Migration from 1.9.x to 1.10.x

vc: UIViewController parameter is now deprecated in most of calls. Please assign the vc: parameter to IncdOnboardingManager.shared.presentingViewController and remove the vc: parameter from the API.



IncdOnboardingManager.shared.startOnboarding(vc: self)


IncdOnboardingManager.shared.presentingViewController = self

Project Migration Guide from 1.9.42 to 1.9.46

Framework is now being delivered as a static IncdOnboarding.xcframework, so that only opencv2 and OpenTok frameworks need to be added to the project alongside main IncdOnboarding.xcframework

Make sure git lfs is installed

Some framework files exceed 100MBs, so Git Large File Storage is needed to be setup. Please find the instrcutions here:

Framework files update

  • Remove IncdNetwork, IncdFaceDetection, IncdRecogKit, IncdUIKit frameworks and IncdUIKit.bundle (also remove any imports in code from these modules if you have them)
  • Add opencv2.framework
  • Replace current OpenTok.framework and IncdOnboarding.xcframework
  • Replace current IncdOnboarding.bundle

Change Project Settings

1. Add following to the Other Linker Flags: -l “stdc++” -l “iconv” - framework “VideoToolbox” 
2. IncdOnboarding.xcframework, opencv2.framework and OpenTok.framework should be set to Do not Embed’

Code updates

Error handling has been improved and simplifed, in particular:

  • IncdOnboardingDelegate and its onError callback now return IncdFlowError instead of IncdOnboardingError. You'll be notified here about all the possible errors that abort the flow.
  • IncdOnboardingDeletegate and some of its callback methods once the steps are completed no longer have ResultCode field used to determine if the step finished successfully or not. You can always check if the error field in the result is nil to identify successful step completion, or see if some error occured.

1.9.14 -> 1.9.25

Migration steps:

Moving ID auto-capture timeouot configuration to server.

  1. Remove idAutoCaptureTimeout parameter if present anywhere. Timeout can be set on server through REST API.

1.8.x -> 1.9.14

Migration steps:

  1. Remove OpenTok from Cocoapods. If that was your only Pod then you can deintegrate Cocoapods altogether.
  2. Remove the “models” folder from the project and from the file system.
  3. Remove the “models” from the target’s “Build Phases” -> “Copy Bundle Resources” section.

1.6.x -> 1.8.x

Migration steps:

  1. Document type .addressproof has been renamed to .document for scanning documents using addDocumentScan(: DocumentType).
  2. Usage of IncdRegion is deprecated. IncdOnboardingConfiguration init now takes a regionCode: String as a parameter. Before it was IncdRegion.