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  • Added autocaptureUxMode parameter to ID Scan module configuration. Default is holdStill that waits for 1 second after ID is detected, specify .countdown to show 3-2-1 countdown to capture.
  • Using latest ID side detection model to detect more accurate if front or back of the ID is being used
  • Added logAuthenticationEnabled parameter to startFaceLogin. Enables/disables sending login statistics after a login attempt.
  • Video Selfie continues with the flow if ID can't be validated due to the regular ID scan step not being present in the flow
  • Fix startFaceLogin method using server mode instead of a hybrid in case no identity is stored locally
  • onDocumentScanCompleted callback now contains raw JSON field data that contains all the info extracted from the document


  • Added getUserOCRData public API method to fetch OCR data
  • Added lensesCheck and faceMaskCheck parameters to selfieScan method in VideoSelfieConfiguration
  • Callback onVideoSelfieCompleted triggered with audio/video data whenever a video is recorded, even if Video Selfie didn't complete successfully
  • "Show front/back ID" messages during the ID capture in Video Selfie now present on the screen for longer
  • Fixed Video Selfie recording session not being closed timely
  • IncdError now has noActiveSession case thrown when trying to start onboarding section or calling other API methods that require an active session
  • Updated liveness threshold from 0.3 to 0.5
  • Updated incdOnboarding.cameraState.scanFrontID and incdOnboarding.cameraState.scanBackID icons when during ID capture we detect a user shown wrong side of the ID.
  • Fixed font theme issues


  • Replaced Name module with a simplified version that asks for full name
  • Video Selfie now uses idBackShownAsFrontCheck and idFrontShownAsBackCheck settings
  • Replaced incdOnboarding.cameraState.scanBack asset with incdOnboarding.cameraState.scanFrontId
  • Updated local ID detection model. It should improve ID capture module and ID capturing within Video Selfie
  • VideoSelfieError now has idTypeNotMatched for case when ID captured during Video Selfie is different type then the one taken from the ID scan step
  • Added downloadImagesEnabled parameter to the OnboardingSessionConfig that prevents processed images captured during onboarding to be fetched
  • Added enableRotationOnRetakeScreen parameter to the addIdScan method. Enables/disables rotation of the ID preview to the right by 90 on the Retake screen
  • Removed 'Continue' button during Selfie capture in Video Selfie, face capture now starts immediately
  • Fixed bad Video Selfie error messaging when passport is shown
  • Fixed Selfie manual capture not detecting a face mask
  • SDK info on dashboard now shows a specific iOS SDK variant used
  • Added SDKMode.submitOnly that only uploads data to the server without returning results back to the SDK user


  • Video Selfie isn't interrupted if ID isn't validated
  • Added event logging for processing states within Video Selfie
  • Video Selfie now displays feedback messages how to complete the step successfully
  • OnboardingValidationModule now has finer granulation for modules within Video Selfie, newly added are videoSelfieLiveness, videoSelfieOcr, videoSelfieIdType and videoSelfieSpeech
  • VideoSelfieError now has internalError(String) case to expose more detail about internal errors that can occur.
  • Face Match now can be configured not to show 'User already exists' by specifying showUserExists prameter to false in addFaceMatch method
  • Face login Close button now disabled by default, can be enabled by specifying IncdOnboardingManager.shared.allowUserToCancel to true
  • Fixed re-introduced issue of getting duplicated symbols for SSZipArchive


  • Fixed text alignment and color issue in subtitles for ID back tutorial screen
  • Introduced idBackShownAsFrontCheck param to the IncdOnboardingManager
  • Removed 'X' close button from screens that don't have user interaction
  • Added autocapture timeout in Selfie screen during Login, after which manual capture UX will appear. Defaults to 25 seconds and can be change via IncdOnboardingManager.shared.selfieTimeout field.
  • Fixed Document Scan camera issue on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Fixed ID autofocus camera issue on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Video Selfie recording gets uploaded even if the user presses 'X' close button
  • Video Selfie step now continues with the flow even if ID OCR doesn't match
  • Video Selfie now has support for Passports besides regular IDs
  • Video Selfie now has improved image quality checks during ID scan
  • Fix for Selfie recording not getting uploaded if app is sent to background
  • Added loadModels API that preloads the local models in order to speed up the startup time of some steps, ie. Selfie.
  • Added missing translations for feedback messages in ID and Video Selfie steps


  • Added a delay of 3 seconds before retry inside Selfie module when lenses are detected
  • ML Consent module now fetches the content from the server, shows the content for .gdpr in language set as user's locale, and for .us always in English
  • It is possible to specify preferred language. To do it, set IncdOnboardingManager.shared.localizationLanguage to desired locale, ie. "es".
  • Replaced ID capture countdown once ID is detected with a 'Hold still...' delay. The best frame during ID capture will be used, instead of last one after the countdown.
  • Fixed CURP module wrong font size
  • Fixed issue with fetching flow configuration when OnboardingSessionConfiguration is being setup with a token
  • Fixed Video Selfie issue for Selfie step where user will get stuck on 'Processing...' state


  • Fixed issue with finishFlow failing with 401 error
  • Fixed issue with flow error event not being sent
  • IncdOnboardingManager.shared.addNOM151Archive method now returns AddNOM151ArchiveResponse, which contains archiveUrl and signature for the NOM151Archive
  • Added showAutoCaptureRetakeScreen param to the addIdScan method to show Photo Review screen after ID auto-capture
  • Added parameter cameraFacing to the addSelfieScan method to specify front or back camera that will be used during SelfieScan. Defaults to front camera.
  • Added new Video Selfie tutorial that shows a video to the user how to complete the Video Selfie step efficiently.
  • Added new method maxVideoLength to the VideoSelfieConfiguration that allows setting of maximum video length of captured video.
  • VideoSelfieConfiguration now has voice consent and questions steps turned off by default
  • Back camera is now used for capturing the ID and Document inside Video Selfie. To change this behaviour set cameraFacingConfig in VideoSelfieConfiguration
  • Fixed Video Selfie voice consent issues on iOS 16
  • Fixed ID Scan feedback messages not visible for large font sizes
  • Added Kiosk APIs startKioskFlow and startKioskLogin methods that can be used on iPads embedded in Aila frames. These will be available as part of 'd-k' variant only.


  • Added Face Login 1:N local mode and APIs addFace, removeFace, setFaces and getFaces. These are available for framework variants '-l'.
  • Added local FaceMaskCheck during Selfie autocapture for framework varaints '-m'. Choose between .server and .local check by specifying faceMaskCheckMode in IncdOnboardingManager.
  • Renamed setting serverSelfieFaceMaskCheck: Bool to faceMaskCheck: Bool.
  • Added local faceMaskCheck mode on Selfie screen for framework variants '-m'
  • Added Machine learning Consent module
  • Added option to customise Signature module canvas and border colors
  • Added option to provide a custom name for a .strings file in which you will overide texts in the SDK
  • Fixed Selfie not getting uploaded if app is closed during upload
  • Now clearing Keychain stored values related to session once session is completed
  • Fixed custom fonts not being applied to Email and Enter name modules


  • Added Custom watchlists module
  • Added Face Login 1:1 in local mode. To use FaceAuthMode.local you have to use -l framework variant
  • Added deleteLocalUserData method that clears stored user data
  • Fixed wrong text in Spanish when capturing ID inside Video Selfie
  • Added additionalTextHeight theme parameter to fonts to support changing height of certain fonts
  • Fixed memory leak related to delegate reference provided in startOnboardingSection
  • Fixed screen recording for selfie not uploaded in certain scenarios


  • Face Login 1:1 now uses faster and more advanced API call.
  • Added faceMaskCheck parameter to startFaceLogin method. Specify true to deny face login attempts when face mask is detected
  • FaceLoginResult now includes for both 1:1 and 1:N: success, customerUUID, interviewId, interviewToken, token, transactionId and hasFaceMask (if faceMaskCheck is enabled)
  • ID and Selfie attempts can be recorded, to enable it use recordSession method inside IncdOnboardingFlowConfiguration
  • Removed redundant CATransaction calls during ID scan
  • Fixed pulsating animation not visible after first attempt during ID scan autocapture
  • Fixed Signature upload fail for custom themes
  • Fixed issues with callbacks for DocumentScan in captureOnly SDK mode
  • Document Scan module now shows 'Review Photo' screen by default after manual capture, can be disabled via showRetakeScreen parameter
  • Video Selfie can now record video only, to turn off audio set disableAudio to true when creating VideoSelfieConfiguration
  • Improved ID detection in Video Selfie


  • Added .sessionCreationFailed error case within IncdFlowError and OnboardingSessionError that will be thrown in case session creation fails
  • IncdOnboardingManager.shared.allowUserToCancel now adds 'X' cancel button to other screens in the flow, instead of only showing it inside camera capture screens.
  • Added IncdTheme.current.colors.cancelDark theme color, now used in Video Selfie 'X' button
  • Added transactionId to the FaceLoginResult response of 1:1 Face Login
  • DocumentScan module now has 3 retries by default when uploading docments
  • Fixed startFaceLogin throwing error .notInitialized if it is called without creating a session beforehand.
  • IncdOnboardingDelegate now extends AnyObject, it is referenced as weak and it gets released in IncdOnboardingManager singleton after startOnboarding is completed.
  • Keyboard now shown automatically inside Captcha step
  • Removed animation when closing CURP screen
  • Now disabling signature canvas after user submitted the signature
  • Enforced SwiftLint code style


  • Added minVideoLengthRequired parameter to VideoSelfieConfiguration. Specifying false means there will be no minimum 30 seconds limit.
  • Now sending Login Authentication info/statistics to the server for each attempt
  • Fixed bug in Document Scan when uploading images
  • Fixed bug for Document Scan uploads not shown in dashboard
  • Fix Selfie tutorial subtitle alignment
  • Fix Retake screen subtitle alignment
  • Fixed issue with showRetakeScreen not being applied when SDK is running in .captureOnly mode
  • Fixed bug when specifying token in IncdOnboardingSessionConfiguration and using startOnboarding afterwards.


  • Fixed bug in Document Scan while in Capture Only mode.


  • Fixed bug in Capture Only mode when using sections.


  • Introduced new way to configure flows and setup onboarding sessions. Plese refer to the migration guide.
  • Video Selfie module now works in capture only mode. Please refer to the guide here.
  • Removed network calls from initIncdOnboarding method. url parameter is now optional.
  • Init errors related to API key and URL will now be delegated through IncdOnboardingDelegate.onError(_ error: IncdFlowError) (case initError(_ error: IncdInitError)).
  • Fixed iOS 12 camera issues during document scan.
  • Fixed camera session staying open after ID scan.
  • Fixed custom font letters being cut-off.
  • Fixed Signature subtitle alignment.
  • Fixed Signature module not using proper theme colors.
  • Fixed Face Login screen not getting closed in some scenarios.
  • Added errorDescription when logging error events.
  • Removed faulty blinking line during ID auto-capture.
  • Animated overlay during passport auto-capture.
  • Switched to non-base64 document upload API.
  • Fixed Back ID being skipped in secondary flow.
  • Fixed duplicate symbols error that emerged in React Native platforms.


  • Crash fix for memory issues during camera capture on low-end devices .
  • Fixed Proof of address capture on devices with smaller screens.
  • iOS 12 fix for continue button not being hidden during ID upload.
  • Bugfix when using both addIdProcess and addIdScan modules.
  • Fix for input error when using swipe keyboard.


  • Added all camera feedback assets to customizables.


  • Added email module support.
  • Added autocapture for passports.
  • Added rawJSON data to the UserScore result.
  • Updated IncdTheme, check IncdTheme Guide for more info.
  • Fixed several UI issues.


  • JSON theme customization.
  • ID help screen title labels can now have up to two lines.
  • ID capture "side label" can now be customized.
  • ID capture "side label" can now change text when autocapture countdown timer starts through "" and "" localization labels.
  • Introducing Dynamic Localization. Check Localization Guide.


  • Localization for specific continue buttons.
  • Added ability to customize specific views.
  • Added subtitle labels to the ID capture "Need help" screen.
  • Added set onboarding session with token


  • Added an optional parameter token for initializing the sdk.
  • Added an optional parameter to show/hide retake screen after manually capturing an ID.
  • Fixed bug with Captcha module where code would not refresh after being used.


  • Added onEvent method to the IncdOnboardingDelegate protocol, so that optionally you can get notified about events that are being tracked inside the SDK.
  • Fixed QR scan wrong processing logic.
  • Now using faceCaptureQuality obj-c method during Selfie scan.


  • Added Side Label and Help Button on the ID scan to customizable list.
  • Fixed issue with Help Button where it was applying localization after it gets appeared.


  • Added externalId parameter for createNewOnboardingSession.
  • Added Barcode scan module.
  • Fixed issue with not returning classifiedIdType after the ID scan module.
  • Fixed issue with manual selfie capture in the captreOnly mode.
  • Added otherDocument3 in the DocumentType that doesn't require server validation.
  • Optimazing size impact, resulting in smaller download and install size.


  • Reworked Document Scan to support new type, check Migration Guide for more info about breaking change.
  • Added User Review screen which allows user to check and retake manually captured photo before uploading.
  • Added an official Cocoapods ODR functionality.
  • Added support for iOS Simulator on Apple Silicon Macs (non - Video Conference variants only).
  • Added option to change Video Selfie video codec type. Use videoSelfieConfiguration.videoCodecType = .h264 to change codec to H.264. Default is HEVC.
  • Added processPaymentProof API.
  • Added processLaborHistory API.
  • Added lazy load model for more optimized performance and memory handling.
  • Fixed ghost onboarding session issue after going through the flow again.
  • Fixed tutorial videos freeze if the device gets locked on iOS 15 and later.
  • Fixed "SDK info" event log being sent when each onboarding section is started.
  • Fixed issue where iOS SDK version was not visible in β€˜Device info’ on dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where QR scan did not look for generic codes, minor UX improvements.
  • Restored ODR functionality.
  • Renamed ODR tag StaticSDKResoucesBundleODR from to IncdOmniResources.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Captcha module (aka One Time Password) received an UI/UX update.
  • Added croppedFace: UIImage? to the IdScanResult
  • Support for dynamic localization. Check IncdOnboardingManager.localizationBundle property.


  • New module added: Process ID.
    • Added parameter showIdSummary (default is true) which will display summary of ID scan in case it is not successful. Also known as "Referred to Executive" screen.
    • Introducing new result structure IdProcessResult.
  • Added individual, non-UI function idProcess which performs ID process immediately.
  • Added individual, non-UI function geolocation which performs Geolocation process immediately.
  • ID Scan:
    • Added paarmeter ScanSide to specify which side to scan. Process ID module has to be added unless .both is specified, in which case it is added automatically.
    • Introducing new result structure IdScanResult.
  • Added 30s timer for Captcha (OTP) after which it will be refreshed automatically.
  • Warning icon on ID Capture Summary screen is now customizable.
  • Removed most of individual functions.
  • Removed deprecated API which were using parameter vc: UIViewController.


  • Added nameMatched, confidence, existingUser and existingInterviewId to the FaceMatchResult
  • initIncdOnboarding method will return .serverUnreachable error in case device is in airplane mode
  • Fix for app events being sent after user cancels the session
  • Added basic theming via JSON config


  • Added geolocation API which doesn't show UI.
  • Calling faceMatch now returns an error if SDK is not initialized.
  • Added property to check SDK initialization status - isSDKEntierlyInitialized. If isSDKEntierlyInitialized.flag is true SDK is successfully initialized, false otherwise.
  • Added Server Face mask check in Selfie Scan.
  • Removed 'simulatorDetected' error type & bugfix for 'refered to executive screen' shown on iOS simulator.
  • Fix frozen flow after secondary ID isn't captured correctly 3 times.


  • Add show id side label on id capture screen
  • Add face match api without ui
  • Removed error events for errors that don't stop the flow
  • Bugfix for crash if UserDefaults is erased by host app
  • Added selfieBase64 to selfie result
  • User Canceled event now sent as standard event instead of an error
  • Bugfix for ID session not cancelled properly when user presses 'X'
  • userCancelledSession now called once the user cancels any of the steps, instead of onError with .userCanceled error being triggered
  • Added 'serverUnreachable' error for initIncdOnboarding method that happens when Incode server couln't be reached due to bad internet connection
  • Fix for User Consent content not being scrolled to top on iOS 12.x devices
  • Added local liveness failed event


  • Added User Consent module


  • Added option to perform local Liveness check during Selfie Scan.
  • Sending additional face coordinates during Selfie Scan to improve processing.


  • Added option to send externalId when creating onboarding session
  • Improved Document Scan UX
  • Fixed unnecessary face cropping during Selfie Scan due to aspect ratio
  • Now returning encrypted base64 images from Id and Selfie scans.


  • Cocapods variants breaking change -> Static and Dynamic now don't include Video Conference module by default. To use Video Conference module, please add vc, ie. 3.0.0-d-vc.
  • Fix for onCaptchaCompleted not being called once the Captcha step is completed
  • Fix for onboarding sections not being shown if being opened too quickly after previous sections got completed
  • Fix for some session not being flagged as NEEDS_REVIEW


  • Introduced new Video Selfie mode faceMatch, that does a comparison between photo from the ID and Selfie.
  • Introduced startFaceLogin method that does 1:1 and 1:N face authentication. Please visit Face Login Guide for more info.


  • startOnboarding can now be called with a specific interviewId, so it doesn't create a new session.


  • Fix some customization issues on iOS 11-12


  • Added IncdTheme (please visit IncdTheme Guide for more info)
  • Added option to show close button during ID or selfie capture
  • Minor bugfixes & improvements


  • Fixed not having captured ID images inside IDValidationResult in case upload fails
  • Removed unnecessary face processing during ID front autocapture


  • API change (please take a look at the Migration Guide)
  • Added support for presenting SDK from a modal UIViewController
  • Fixing a few UI issues, mostly in Capture Only mode
  • Added Portugeese localization


  • Introducing Static framework with On-Demand-Resources option
  • Added CURP module, refined ID Verification
  • New ID detection model for Video Selfie
  • Fixing onboarding presentation on UIViewControllers which are not part of UINavigationController stack
  • Various bugfixes & improvements


  • SDK now delivered as a static IncdOnboarding.xcframework
  • Because some framework files now exceed 100MB Git Large File Storage is needed to be installed to fetch all the updated frameworks.
  • Improved Error handling


  • Lenses check enabled by default in Selfie Scan module
  • Added new OCR fields notExtracted and notExtractedDetails
  • ID Scan autocapture not working after migration
  • ID Scan crash fix when permissions are manually disabled in Settings


  • Crash fixes


  • OMNI rebranding
  • Selfie scan defaults to manual capture if photo is not taken automatically
  • Help feature in ID scan
  • Informing the user about the number of ID scan retries
  • Analytics events updates
  • Added intro module for educating users about the process and to help with measuring conversion
  • Added noLocationExtracted case in GeolocationResult
  • Using server configuration for auto capture timeouts and upload retries
  • Bug fixes