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1.2.0 (Feb 23 2022)

  • Added option to separate IdScan module into three segments - Front capture, Back capture and newly introduced ProcessId module. onIdValidationCompleted callback now split into onIdFrontCompleted, onIdBackCompleted and onIdProcessed. Added more data in the ID capture results, such as cropeedFace, chosenIdType and classifiedIdType.
  • DocumentScan module now supports addressStatement, medicalDoc, paymentProof, otherDocument1, otherDocument2.
  • DocumentScanResult now contains image, documentType that was selected, address that contains parsed OCR data in case of addressStatement, and ocrData that contains full OCR data.

Using iOS 4.1.1-d, Android 4.3.1

1.1.0 (Jan 18 2022)


  • Initial Flutter IncodeOnboarding SDK release