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  • Incode Omni Welcome SDK lets users onboard seamlessly from anywhere with just their web browser.
  • Welcome SDK is part of the Incode Digital Identity Platform. This platform is powered by Incode's world class Face Recognition, Liveness detection and ID Validation models.
  • SDK provides simple methods and customizable UI implementations for each step of the onboarding flow: ID Validation, Address Validation, Face Scanning and Video Conference call.
  • Web SDK is a powerful Javascript library that offers a collection of built in components.

Features of Incode Omni

  • Storing user's face-fingerprints (templates) on the server.
  • Enabling user enrollment on the server with user templates and cropped portrait images.
  • Facially authenticating users (login) through a tokenized mechanism on the server.
  • Facially authenticating users (login) locally (on-device authentication).
  • Front camera UI for enrollment to your app.
  • Front camera UI for login to your app.
  • Generate user's face-fingerprints in realtime on the device.
  • Generate user's cropped portrait pictures in realtime on the device.
  • Liveness detection.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Address proof capture via a service or taking picture of an address proof document.
  • Video conference with a bank executive with realtime chat.