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4.0.0 (June 5th 2024)

  • Added onEvents callback for startNewOnboardingSection that is called when a new event occurs inside the onboarding flow.
  • Added enableFrontShownAsBackCheck, enableBackShownAsFrontCheck, showRetakeScreen, showAutoCaptureRetakeScreen , enableRotationOnRetakeScreen , autocaptureUxMode ,showIDOverlay, autoCaptureBestFrameTimeout and autoCaptureNoIdTimeout parameters to IDScan module.
  • Added failReason, issueName, issueYear and countryCode to the IdScanResult.
  • Moved IncodeSdkInitError.rootDetected, and IncodeSdkInitError.hookDetected to IncodeSdkFlowError
  • Added IncodeSdkFlowError enum that contains possible errors sent via onError() callback

Using iOS 5.28.0-s-l and Android 5.27.0

3.1.0 (May 15th 2024)

  • Added new API method startFlow to support start or resume an onboarding session based on the provided session configuration and starting module.
  • Added new API method startFlowFromDeepLink to support resume an onboarding session based on the provided deep link URL.
  • Added new optional parameter enableIdSummaryScreen to the ProcessId module
  • Added new optional parameters to the initialize method
  • initialize method when rejected now returns a typed error IncodeSdkInitError (as a string value).
  • Fixed Android crash when adding Video Selfie and User Consent configurations without params

Using iOS 5.27.1-s-l and Android 5.26.0

3.0.0 (Mar 18th 2024)

  • Android core-light dependency is now part of the Flutter SDK. Breaking change, so please follow the guide in the migration guide how to remove core-light from the list of your app's dependencies in the build.gradle.
  • Added setLocalizationLanguage method used for runtime localization. Please check here for more details.
  • Added dynamic localization and updating strings in runtime with new API method setString. Please check here for more details.
  • Added Antifraud module.
  • Added UserConsentModule module.
  • Added new API method startWorkflow to support workflows
  • Added isBackgroundExecuted param to the GovernmentValidation module

Using iOS 5.26.0-s-l and Android 5.24.0

2.8.0 (Nov 19th)

  • Added GlobalWatchlist module
  • Added new parameter idScanCameraFacing for VideoSelfie module, which can be used to select front or back camera for ID scan

Using iOS 5.22.0-s-l and Android 5.21.0

2.7.0 (Nov 7th)

  • Added QRScan module
  • Fixed configuration issue for VideoSelfie module when voiceConsentQuestionsCount was not respected correctly on Android platform
  • Added optional defaultRegionPrefix parameter to phone input module
  • iOS requirements changed to Xcode 14.1 and iOS 13.0 target as minimum supported versions

Using iOS 5.20.1-s-l and Android 5.20.0

2.6.0 (Sep 18th)

  • Added recordSessionConfig parameter to the startOnboarding and startNewOnboardingSection, which can be used to record ID and Selfie capture sessions.
  • Added MLConsent module
  • Breaking change, please update Android gradle settings and Incode's Android core depedency as specified in the migration guide

Using iOS 5.17.0-s-l and Android 5.17.2

2.4.0 (May 19th 2023)

  • Breaking change, please update Android gradle settings and Incode's Android core depedency as specified in the migration guide
  • Added addFace, removeFace, setFaces and getFaces methods to the IncdOnboardingSdk
  • Added faceAuthModeFallback, lensesCheck, spoofThreshold, recognitionThreshold to the FaceLogin object provided to the startFaceLogin method
  • Added hasLenses to the FaceLoginResult object.
  • Android minSdkVersion is now 21

Using iOS 5.16.0-s-l and 5.16.0 Android SDKs

2.3.0 (Jan 6 2023)

  • Added getUserOCRData method that fetches OCR data for a specific onboarding session.

Using 5.11.0 iOS-s-l, Android 5.13.0

2.2.0 (Dec 9 2022)

  • Android core dependency has been updated. Please refer here for more details.
  • Added Name module, add it by calling addFullName method in the OnboardingFlowConfiguration
  • Added addNOM151Archive method
  • Added FaceLogin.FaceAuthMode kiosk option that triggers Kiosk login on Android platform. Kiosk dependency is mandatory, please add com.incode.sdk:kiosk-login:1.0.0 to your app's build.gradle.
  • Added logAuthenticationEnabled to the FaceLogin params. Specify false if you want to disable logging and statistics updates for authentications to get faster performance when calling startFaceLogin. Currently supported on Android only.

Using 5.10.0 iOS-s-l, Android 5.13.0

2.1.0 (Oct 19 2022)

  • Android core dependency has been updated. Please refer here[] for more details.
  • Added Email module
  • Added getUserScore method
  • Added showCloseButton method
  • Added nameMatched field to the FaceMatchResult as part of the onFaceMatchCompleted callback
  • Fixed onUserCancelled callback method not getting triggered on iOS
  • Fixed issue of flow configuration not being used when OnboardingSessionConfiguration object is provided with a token
  • Fixed issue of bad flow configuration for ID scan when it is split in front and back modules.

Using 5.8.1 iOS-s-l, Android 5.10.0

2.0.1 (Aug 26 2022)

  • Bugfix ProcessId module not being added to IdScan automatically on Android devices
  • Fixed crash on setupOnboardingSession when specifying token if SDK is initialized without API key.
  • Fixed bad Swift Import path for iOS frameworks after running pod install

2.0.0 (Aug 16 2022)

  • Added setupOnboardingSession that replaces creatingNewOnboardingSession and setOnboardingSession. Please check here for more details.
  • Add interviewId and token to OnboardingSessionConfig
  • Added startFaceLogin method
  • Added extendedUserScoreJsonData to UserScoreResult that contains raw JSON for the score.
  • Bugfix configurationId not set when using startOnboarding
  • Bugfix UserScore not parsed properly on Android devices

Using iOS 5.4.0-s-l, Android 5.4.0

1.2.0 (Feb 23 2022)

  • Added option to separate IdScan module into three segments - Front capture, Back capture and newly introduced ProcessId module. onIdValidationCompleted callback now split into onIdFrontCompleted, onIdBackCompleted and onIdProcessed. Added more data in the ID capture results, such as cropeedFace, chosenIdType and classifiedIdType.
  • DocumentScan module now supports addressStatement, medicalDoc, paymentProof, otherDocument1, otherDocument2.
  • DocumentScanResult now contains image, documentType that was selected, address that contains parsed OCR data in case of addressStatement, and ocrData that contains full OCR data.

Using iOS 4.1.1-d, Android 4.3.1

1.1.0 (Jan 18 2022)


  • Initial Flugger IncodeOnboarding SDK release